What’s Your Mobile Strategy for Social Media and Advertising?

| 2060 Digital

From smartphones to tablets, iPhones to iPads and more – mobile technology is here to stay. The momentum of growth in mobile technology is astounding, and it’s not expected to slow anytime soon. Along with the growth in mobile technology come tremendous opportunities in marketing. And mobile technology and social media is an interesting combination as well, with tons of options to grow your business. The following explores how developing a mobile strategy for social media and advertising is a necessity in our increasingly mobile world.

Facebook Home was recently released as a mobile platform for consumers who live and breathe in the mobile social media world. On the main display of a phone using the Android operating system, users can have Facebook Home instead of the various app icons and backgrounds that come with typical smartphones. The display shows newsfeeds, calendars, messages and numerous other options that you would typically find on your Facebook page – except this time it resides as the primary display on your phone. This integration is the epitome of the mobile and social media convergence.

Smartphones already have sophisticated apps that provide a variety of services. From grocery stores and restaurants to retail stores and gyms, businesses can market to their target audience by having an app or joining an app community that will let mobile users connect with their brand wherever they go.

Geolocation can bring leads to local businesses by providing advertisements and marketing to mobile users in a particular area. This is very helpful if someone is looking for the nearest repair shop or bakery using his or her smartphone.

Social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook all have mobile capabilities. These social media sites often display advertisements catered to users’ profiles, and alert users on nearby events or specials.

Mobile users routinely access several social media sites throughout the day to get updates or post a status. The majority of these people use smartphones and tablets to access their favorite social media sites. It’s important for businesses to recognize the synergies between mobile technology and social media that exist today and how they are merging in the future. Marketers should make sure their business is noticed by building a strategy that incorporates both mobile marketing and social media.