The New Frontier of Video Marketing

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The world of video marketing has been drastically changed by the popularization of streaming services and digital video platforms. Read more to learn how you can utilize these platforms effectively. Read Time: 3 minutes

The world of video marketing has been drastically changed by the popularization of streaming services and digital video platforms. Television ads have traditionally been the big daddy of video marketing, but we are at a pivotal point in the implementation of video. Digital video provides us with something that television has never been able to achieve: viewership data. This data, mixed with digital marketing’s intrinsic ability to target specific demographics makes it possible for companies to put their messaging directly on the content their targets are already ingesting.  This customization has made it possible to make users do little to no work to interact with a product, making digital video extremely lucrative for any business. So how can you make the most out of your video marketing?


Every digital video platform has access to a mountain of data on their users. This data, in the right hands, can yield some amazingly valuable information, information that has never been available before. For starters, these platforms gather information on age, location, and general interests from the moment a user signs up for them.

This information is used internally on the platform to create suggested lists and ideas for viewing possibilities, and for marketers, it serves a very similar role. It is important to note here that all of the data utilized on these platforms is completely anonymized. The information that is readily available for usage contains no personal data; it is general data on viewership, basic interests and nothing more. This basic information depicts behaviors and interests that strategists can turn into easily actionable data points. For example, if a YouTube user primarily watches makeup tutorials, companies like Maybelline would think of them as a strong potential customer.

YouTube as a platform tends to be extremely cost-efficient, with their most widely used service, TrueView campaigns, only being charged to companies if their video is interacted with or viewed for at least 30 seconds. In other words, if your video is skipped after the mandatory 5 seconds of play, you can consider that a free impression. Users who choose to view the full ad are 10x more likely to engage with a client’s business, making them an extremely valuable resource.

The Age of Customization

Traditionally, video had to have mass appeal. The same video was going to be played for Steve, the 80-year-old man living in the country as well as Sandy, the 17-year-old city girl. There are very few similarities between those two demographics, so why would you want to serve them the same ad content? The answer is simple: you would not. Digital video now makes it possible for the same company to serve completely different ads to both of those target demographics. This customization allows companies to make much deeper impressions and create individual campaigns for each demographic. With digital video, the customization options are as deep as your budget.

Traditional television is attempting to keep up with digital video’s intrinsic programmatic ability, but the nature of the platform has been limiting. Not only is digital video more customizable, but it also allows for ad spends of all sizes to be feasible. If you are looking to get your video marketing in front of the right demographics, the experts at 2060 Digital can help you navigate the waters. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have or if you would like a quote to understand just what services you would need to be as efficient as you can be.