How to Use Social Media to Promote Sales, Contests and Promotions

| 2060 Digital

If you haven’t noticed, social media has recently become more than just a way to grow your follower base (though that’s still important!). Many brands have started utilizing social media’s different tools to spread the word about their products to start some buzz around them, while simultaneously attempting to increase their follower base, and its working! Take a look at what brands can do on social media to promote their sales, contests and promotions:

Tailored Content

The most basic strategy to use for getting the word out about your brand is to write some killer content. This can work especially well when trying to promote a sale or important information to your followers. When writing content, it’s important to know the platform as well as your audience. Twitter is short and concise while Facebook can be a little lengthier. Instagram will be all about the photo quality and LinkedIn will be focused on professionalism. Cross-promoting your brand on multiple accounts is a great way to connect your followers and boost your presence, as well. No matter which platform you’re promoting your brand on, content is king.

Backing content with a little bit of money to promote posts is never a bad idea, either. By boosting a post on Facebook, you can ensure your content will be seen by even more people, increasing the likelihood of engagements or driving them to your website.

Targeted Ads

Social media ads are used mainly for two purposes: to increase your page likes and drive traffic to your website, depending on what your social media goals are. Ads are similar to promoted content posts in that you are backing it with money to reach a bigger audience, but the difference between the two is found in the type of audience you want to target. Promoted posts and ads will reach your existing followers or target users who do not already follow your page. Ads are, in general, a great way to start good buzz around a product you want to advertise or your brand. The more money you put behind an ad, the more people it will reach, which means more followers for you.

Custom Tabs

The biggest and most versatile canvas on social media, specifically Facebook, is a custom tab (also known as an app). Tabs can be used in a variety of ways, such as driving traffic to your website, holding contests or giveaways, or simply providing your followers with information about your brand. You can host multiple tabs on your Facebook page at once, making them a great resource for your followers to have your brand’s information readily available all in one place.

If you have a contest running or a hot deal happening via Facebook tabs, you can always increase engagement through general content, promoted posts and ads. The more fun and creative the tab, the easier it will be to get your audiences to engage with your page, so don’t be afraid to include enticing copy or a fun image in promoted posts for tabs.

Whether you’re looking to boost sales, start some awesome giveaways or simply spice up your online presence, social media is a great solution! Implementing these social media strategies will boost engagement with your audiences and increase your followers, which will help your business grow. Using them in combination with each other is a sure-fire way to get the ball rolling on your social media goals, so get out there and start strategizing!