How to Use Social Media for Recruitment

| 2060 Digital

It’s a common question we hear – how can I use social media for recruitment? Social media can provide unique opportunities to get in front of job-hunters in ways that traditional advertising just isn’t capable of. Here are a few of the tactics that we’ve used to help clients find their ideal candidates on social media.

1. Show Off Your Current Employees

Your current employees are what make your business thrive, right? So, show them off! There are plenty of ways to get employees involved with your social media efforts. Encourage them to take photos of their work or selfies on the job (when it’s safe, of course). Real “on the job” moments are perfect for your social media pages. You can also encourage them to take videos. Better yet, have us film and edit one for you! Getting to see what their future workplace and coworkers are like before they accept a job will show transparency to job-hunters and make them more excited to apply.

2. Tell People What Makes Your Company Special

Make sure you also tell potential applicants why they want to work for you. Do you offer competitive wages, vacation time, flexible hours, or free coffee? Be sure to include these copy points in your social media posts and advertising. Social media users can see hundreds of brand messages in a day, so be sure to include the competitive advantages that will make users stop scrolling and click on your content. Also, be sure to check your notifications. Potential applicants may decide to ask for more information about the job on social media. Respond quickly and accurately to these questions.

3. Target Your Ideal Candidates

Now that you have great content, you need to know how to target your potential employees. Facebook and LinkedIn each offer robust targeting options to help you reach your ideal applicants. On Facebook, you can target demographics like age, location, education, and income. You can even include interests and behaviors that are incredibly accurate. LinkedIn also offers highly-targeted, job-focused advertising options for recruiters. Targeting on LinkedIn includes, but isn’t limited to, industry, job function, seniority, fields of study, and skills.

4. Make It Easy To Apply

After creating great content and placing stellar ads, it would be a shame to miss out on great applicants because they can’t figure out how to apply. First, create an online application or interest form. This can live on your website, or we can help you create a Facebook app with a custom form. (Pro Tip: You can have form submissions emailed directly to your recruitment manager.) Next, make sure people can get to your form. Update your Facebook page’s call-to-action button to link to your form and add an “Apply Now” call-to-action button to your ads. On your other social networks, be sure to add a line such as “we’re hiring!” in your bio.