How to Tell if Your Facebook Page Needs a Makeover

| 2060 Digital

Not getting as many likes these days? Maybe you’ve never really had many. Maybe your Facebook page is just there…sitting…and waiting for someone to dust it off and show it some love. The opportunities to connect with potential target customers via Facebook are practically boundless, but if your page is unattractive and out-of-date, then you’re really not going anywhere. Here are five ways to tell if your Facebook page needs a makeover.

1. Are you being anti-social? The fundamental aspect of social media is that it’s social. If you’re not responding to comments and questions on your page, your fans don’t feel acknowledged and will interact less and less. And prospective fans can see that you’re unresponsive, which is a turn-off.

2. Are you too professional? Profiles and posts that are dry and stuffy don’t get much action. It’s difficult to feel like you can interact with a page that has no personality. Be sure to let the human aspect of your business shine through on your social media profiles – customers appreciate a business that can get on their level.

3. Is your page all about you? Your profile should be about your business, yes. But it shouldn’t only be about your business. Instead of using your Facebook page as a billboard, be sure that you’re offering page visitors and fans something of value. Include photos and videos that pertain to your business, as well as ones that might get a laugh, or show people products that you might not sell but that your customers might use in conjunction with what you do. Post links to interesting articles that others in your industry have written. Ask questions of your fans and do something with their answers.

4. Are you a Facebook Houdini? Basically, have you pulled a disappearing act? If the last post to your page was three months ago, chances are no one new is interested in clicking like. And the people who have liked your page have probably forgotten about you.

5. Is your page a stranded island? Be sure you’re letting the outside world know that your business has a presence on social media. Include links to your Facebook page on your website, business cards, email signatures, email newsletters and blog posts.

So, need a Facebook makeover?

Here are some tips for making your page more attractive – and hopefully getting you a few more likes.

  • Replace your profile and cover photo with images that coordinate and reflect the character of your brand.

  • Use a custom page URL that includes your business’s name instead of the letters and numbers that are automatically assigned by Facebook.

  • Pay attention to your notifications that come in and make a commitment to interact with the people who comment, like and engage with your page.

  • Update your information frequently. Make sure everything is up-to-date and has current specials, hours, employees, contact information, etc.

  • Add interesting apps that appeal to your fans, and consider running a promotion through your Facebook page.

  • Share content that will delight your fans and encourage them to interact.