How a Great Website Design Helps Your Bottom Line

| 2060 Digital

Breaking: An efficient and functional website can help your company raise brand perception, become more trusted, and create a more successful funnel. Read Time: 2 minutes, 40 seconds

Marketing as a practice should always be done with the same goal in mind: how does this help my bottom line? A sleek, modern, and easy to navigate website is one of the most valuable tools that a company needs to have for their digital campaigns to work efficiently. Bulky website designs can make your funnel difficult to navigate, if not completely negated. Even something as simple as a poorly designed header or navigation tools can render a website unusable. Luckily, it has never been easier to get a website that does much more than just house your information.

Improve Brand Perception

A company’s brand perception is defined as what people are thinking and saying about your brand. Your messaging might be all about how family friendly and safe your company is, but if your customers believe otherwise, all of your messaging is falling on deaf ears. Creating a beautifully functional website that shows a vision of what your company encapsulates can drastically improve brand perception. Aligning all of your company’s creative work and messaging under the pillars that you stand by creates an undeniable personality that can drastically shift public perception.

Create a Successful Funnel

A strong funnel can drive sales, create lifelong customers, and make your company a household name. Unfortunately for companies with poorly functioning websites, most funnels drive to internal sources like websites to complete the sales process. A fully-fledged website will serve as much more than a landing page in the user journey, it will propel customers through the funnel to create a much more efficient sales process. Websites are not giant fluff pieces; every page should serve a distinct purpose and drive customers to the correct locations, forms, and information. Building a meaningful sitemap and creating intelligent content to fill that map will make your website your strongest tool.

One of the most important aspects to consider when creating a functional website is mobile optimization. With well over 50% of digital traffic coming from mobile devices, a fast and mobile-friendly website can do wonders for your user journey. Brands that have created mobile-friendly sites have seen better traffic, fewer click offs and a better overall funnel for their customers and clients.

Become a Trusted Resource

A great way to build trust with your customers is to put out content that positions you as a thought leader in the industry. Posting blogs, regularly updating content and creating meaningful landing pages for your marketing campaigns will make you a reliable source for your target demographics. A beautiful and well-designed website will also make you appear digitally competent as a company, a feature that many customers look for in trusted companies.

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