Get the Most Out Of Your Facebook Ads This Holiday Season

| 2060 Digital

To stand out from the crowd this holiday season marketers are focusing on Facebook advertising. Read time: 1 minute, 20 seconds

Photo Ads

Photos are a great way to grab audience attention. Not only do you need a captivating photo, but you should also include an appealing caption along with a great headline to get them interested. Size also matters when it comes to photo ads. Facebook recommends using a 1200 x 628-pixel image and a caption no longer than 90 characters.

Video Ads

If you want to share a longer, more engaging story with your target audience, video ads are the way to go. Video ads make it possible to share real customer stories or demonstrations of your products, and have a significantly higher increase in ad recall. For best results, show your brand or product imagery in the first few seconds, and keep them to 30 seconds or less.

Offer Ads

Offer ads are a great way to both inspire new customers to try your product or service, and engage current customers to buy again. You can share coupons and promotions directly on Facebook, making it easy for consumers who are already scrolling to see your offer!

These are just a few of your advertising options this season. Read more about the other 10 ad types here.

For more social media and advertising tips, contact us at 2060 Digital! Have a happy and successful holiday season!