Facebook announces redesign for business pages

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Facebook has announced a redesign to business pages, allowing for multiple quality of life improvements across the platform. Read Time: 2 minutes 40 seconds

More and more internet users are ingesting their content via mobile devices. According to data from Statista, over 95% of Facebook users utilize the platform via smartphones. Not only that, Facebook has over 1.6 billion users that are connected to small businesses on their platform. Facebook knows how important it is for businesses to stay relevant in the mobile sphere and so they have just announced that they will be unveiling a redesign for business pages for better mobile optimization. This new update includes a full page update, the addition of the recommendation feature, bolstering the events feature, and expanding their jobs tool.

Updating Pages

The main push behind this update is to make smaller, local businesses more accessible via Facebook and to make the platform feel like more of a community on the local scale. The basic update for these pages includes the ability to make a reservation, book an appointment, or see recent photos, upcoming events, and offers. The update also allows these small businesses to prominently feature their Story, allowing customers to get to know their staff on a more personal level. This new page update makes it much easier to interact with local businesses. Instead of having to travel from Facebook to a landing page, all the information is now easily accessible and utilizable from the Facebook page itself.


The Recommendations feature is designed to work similarly to reviews but in a more organic way. This feature is valuable for people traveling or for those simply looking for recommendations on a new restaurant or business to try. We have all seen the posts asking for recommendations for “a new great sandwich shop” or “a place to get my dress altered.” Facebook Recommendations makes these recommendations more prominent on business pages, making it easier for users to see what actual members of the community are saying about a specific business or service.


There are 700 million users on Facebook that use the platform to find things in their community each month. Facebook is streamlining the process for these events by allowing tickets to be sold directly on the business’s Facebook page itself. According to Facebook’s data, events that sell tickets on their Facebook pages have seen two times more people getting tickets than when sold on their website alone.


Local businesses offer more than 60% of the new jobs created across the globe, and Facebook is trying to make it easier for those companies to hire the right employees. The main difference in this aspect of the platform is the sheer expansion of it. Facebook is now making their Jobs Application Tool available everywhere in the world in an attempt to make the hiring process less labor intensive for small businesses.

The end goal of this update is to make the pages of small businesses easier to navigate and more efficient across mobile devices. Make sure you are taking advantage of all the new features, not just on Facebook, but on all of your social platforms. The expert social team at 2060 Digital is happy to help you with all of your social and marketing needs!