Event Marketing on a Budget? Use Facebook.

| 2060 Digital

With so many community events happening this summer, you may be wondering how to make yours stand out from the pack. Look no further than Facebook.

Facebook is by far the most effective social channel for event marketing, providing great opportunity to raise awareness, create hype and drive attendance. Even small businesses on a budget can take full advantage of what this platform has to offer.

Here are my top Facebook tips for event marketing, bound to help you transform your event from an idea to a sell-out.

1. Create an Event Page

Your event page will serve as home base for your marketing campaign. Create the page under your business or fan page, so that an Events tab is automatically added to your page. This will give fans – current and prospective – easy access to event information. Remember to include all necessary details, including the event’s date, time and location, along with relevance to your fans and a brief explanation.

Note: If this is an annual event, you may choose to use the same page each year by simply adjusting the cover photo and information section to reflect each upcoming event. This will help you keep in touch with the attendees all year round, ultimately benefiting future marketing efforts.

2. Create a Cover Photo

Your Facebook page’s cover photo is prime real estate for raising event awareness. To create the most effective image, include the event’s name, date, location and tagline. Also, remember to stay true to your branding. You want to make sure all of your marketing efforts point back to your business.

3. Create a Content Plan

Trust me, this will be well worth it. Developing a content plan leading up to your event will help you stay timely, consistent and in control. Thanks to your content calendar, you’ll have time to strategize your messaging and get creative with your images, and you’ll know exactly when and how many times you’ve posted about each topic. Rather than throwing a bunch of random posts at your fans, you’ll have an engaging marketing campaign that will keep your fans on the edge of their seats!

Need content ideas? Keep your fans in the loop with event announcements (schedule, sessions, parking, etc.), ticket deadlines and promotions, and sponsor offers and incentives. You can also create hype and anticipation with video teasers and countdowns, thought-provoking articles, questions or surveys, plus photos and videos from previous years’ events.

Note: Treat your event wall like your page wall, creating posts for each. Always include links, branded images and custom text to make your updates stand out.

4. Create a Wall Contest

This is a really simple way to generate organic word-of-mouth for your event. All you have to do is create a post with a custom image, encouraging fans to like, share and comment for a chance to win tickets or other event-related prizes. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of businesses go this route. You may have even participated!

5. Create Ads

Facebook has one of the best ad platforms out there, thanks to its many campaign objectives and targeting options. Seriously, there is so much you can do within Facebook’s Ad Manager.

However, if you are new to Facebook advertising or have a limited budget, I suggest using the event response campaign objective, which aims to drive additional RSVPs on the Facebook event page itself. I also suggest promoting or boosting your event-related posts, so they reach a more targeted audience.

Well, there you have it – Facebook Event Marketing 101. If you have any specific questions, please ask away in the comments below! Or, if you would like the help of a professional social media strategist, contact 2060 Digital.