Don’t Miss These Must-Know LinkedIn Advertising Tips

| 2060 Digital

One of the most effective tools your business can use to build credibility for your company, LinkedIn does so much more than help you find the perfect candidates for employment. The more than 460 million LinkedIn members worldwide give your business unparalleled professional reach, and LinkedIn’s precise targeting makes it even easier to focus on specific professionals that matter to your business.

But with so many businesses and members on LinkedIn, how do you know if advertising on the network really is the right solution for your marketing?

The truth is, LinkedIn advertising works for small and large businesses alike, and it benefits more companies than just those that sell goods.

First of all, having a company page on LinkedIn showcases your entire business, not just the employees who work for you. Your employees and their interaction are vital for providing credibility, but your page can publish updates highlighting industry and company news, receive recommendations from customers you’ve done business with, and create potential business connections.

However, having a page will only take you so far. Actually running ads on the network is what’s going to bring in the real results. LinkedIn advertising gives you the ability to not only target users by broad professional attributes like experience and education, but also by more specific and in-depth B2B targeting. You even have the ability to run multiple ads to different audiences at the same time, which allows you to tailor your message to different audiences.

So, just how specific can you get? The opportunities are almost endless. The only required field for LinkedIn advertising is location, which is based on either the location specified in a user’s profile or by IP address. From there, you can get as detailed as:

  • Job Title, which allows you to target by the current or past job titles listed on a user’s profile

  • Skills and Endorsements, which targets by skills mentioned both in profiles and endorsement sections, as well as skills that are implied based on those listed

  • Age and Gender, which are inferred from the user’s first name and their last graduation year

  • Years of Experience, targeting by the experience entered by the member on his or her profile

  • Company Industry and Size, which comes directly from the member’s profile information

  • Job Function, which targets based on member-entered information

  • More options, such as company name, job seniority, schools, field of study, degrees, and groups

A few things to note:

  • A maximum of 100 selections is permitted for each targeting option

  • LinkedIn will notify you with an “Audience Too Narrow” message if your targeting selections limit your reach too much. You won’t be able to save changes if this message shows, which allows you to reconfigure your targeting for the best ROI.

  • All of the current targeting options are subject to change at any time.

To learn more about how LinkedIn can address your business and advertising needs, contact 2060 Digital for help putting together the best campaign for your goals.