Behind the Screen with Digital Brand Strategist John Simpson

| 2060 Digital

From streamlining current campaigns to creating innovative solutions for future clients, a great digital brand strategist is an amazing asset. Learn more what our brand strategists are creating from John Simpson. Read Time: 3 minutes

Digital media is in our blood, we live and breathe the newest trends and create strategies that work at an immensely productive level. We can accomplish all of this because we have some of the best digital brand strategists in the industry. John Simpson is one of 2060 Digital’s digital brand strategists working in the Washington D.C. area. John thrives in sweating the details, studying the trends in digital to stay one step ahead of the next big trend for our clients. John was kind enough to sit down with us to share exactly what it is that sets our digital brand strategists apart from the pack.

Let’s start with the basics, what do you do here at 2060 Digital?

Most of my work involves working with account executives to diagnose and lay out potential digital strategies for prospects and existing clients. I thrive in finding digital solutions, managing full project expectations, improving ROI, and managing client goals. I try to find the most current trends in digital marketing and build comprehensive marketing plans that utilize the strengths of our amazing team.

What sets 2060 apart from the rest to you? 

Two things stand out to me. The first is the people I get to work with. Everyone is at the top of their field and they are eager to learn. Other account executives are willing to help with clients and with coming up with new solutions for potential clients. I work with the Phoenix team, the Chicago team, and the St. Louis team to figure out new ways to benefit clients across a wide variety of industries. The second is having the freedom to come up with digital creative strategies. That freedom allows me to pitch creative propositions and build content strategies that are both effective and technologically smart. I get to have a real impact on how our clients move forward with their digital strategy, allowing us to be nimble and smart with our decisions.

What are you doing for our clients that gets you excited?

I try to find creative solutions for prospective and current clients that keep them at the forefront of search and digital best practices. One client that I love to work with is a home building supplier. A lot of what they want to focus on this year is shifting away from home residences to contractors and I have been working with them on transitioning their current strategy to accomplish this. They want to create food truck Fridays and get-togethers to be a thought leader and center of the community to reach these new prospects. We came up with the idea to send targeted mobile display ads that go to devices in and around home improvement stores. As contractors go into our competitor’s stores, we serve ads to them that are hyper-targeted to their individual needs as a contractor. We also push thought leadership pieces, search advertisements, and a whole gambit of pieces that help the lower part of the funnel of the customer journey.

What are your current goals and focuses in the D.C. area?

We are pivoting to focus on the audience themselves and developing solutions specifically for them. We have adopted this style to attempt to reverse engineer our general marketing plans. By focusing on the audiences that we are targeting first, we are creating content that is extremely relevant to our client’s end goals of reaching current and prospective clients with our messaging. We are reaching the right audiences with the right messaging. We are also putting a major focus on never overselling clients and tailoring our practice to focus on client goals, our audience, and potential solutions.