Are Your Ads Showing?

| 2060 Digital

Online marketers throughout the world recently became worried about whether people would be able to see their ads on Safari and iPhones, as the web browser makes moves to block even more online advertising. Should we be worried? Yes. And, no.

The good news is, as trendy as iPhones or Apple products may be, Safari only takes 2.99% of the web browser market share.

In addition, ad blocking has been in the market for more than a decade. Internet users have blocked ads for years now and that has not prevented the online advertising industry from skyrocketing. In fact, in 2015, it’s estimated that $60 billion will be spent on digital ads in the US market alone.

Nothing to worry about then, right?
Not quite.

Online marketers – and their sales counterparts – should be investing in creative and rich content in a variety of platforms, not display ads alone. If the online marketing industry focuses on digital ads alone, their marketing mix is reduced to only one avenue.

Therefore, your online marketing mix should serve high content across multiple tactics. Incorporating SEO, content marketing, social media and email marketing has always been – but is even more so now – a stronger strategy for marketers to maximize the results of their marketing efforts, and that of the sales team. A diversified effort will allow for low hanging fruit for the clients to maximize their outreach.

In sum, will your ads show? Yes. They will. Just be sure to mix your online marketing efforts and make ‘em stand out.