5 Ways to Optimize your Pinterest Presence

| 2060 Digital

Even in 2017, Pinterest can help businesses reach more customers through their simple layout and focus on quality images. Read time: 2 minutes, 50 seconds

With today’s glut of social media sites vying for the attention of businesses everywhere, it can be quite challenging to develop the perfect strategy for generating product awareness and building your brand online. If you operate in a business where imagery is essential, you cannot afford to overlook Pinterest. While this visually-rich site has lost some of its cultural cachet as of late, studies show that having ads on Pinterest can still lead to significantly higher order values than if you simply stuck to Facebook and Twitter. So here’s what you need to know in order to get the most out of your Pinterest account:

1. Create and spread engaging content

Creating content that manages to stand out from the crowd is the basic principle behind every successful social media marketing campaign. But this is often easier said than done. On Pinterest, the key word you need to remember is ‘inspiration.’ Creating a buzz-worthy board filled with images that can inspire people to learn or do something new is what the site is all about. Since this is 2017, don’t be afraid to branch out into alternative types of content as well. Videos are especially popular nowadays, as are infographics, GIFs and slideshows.

2. Employ good SEO practices

At its heart, Pinterest is an image-focused search engine, which means tagging your content properly is essential. This usually involves adding descriptive keywords to your pin descriptions, opting for rich board names and making sure your Pinterest profile is as good-looking and unique as your business. As a general rule of thumb, long-tail keywords that contain the word “Pinterest” tend to rank well on Google, as do niche-specific keywords that cover narrow topics.

3. Optimize your scheduling process

Scheduling social media posts is an art in itself, but in this day and age, there are plenty of apps that can streamline and optimize this rather time-consuming process. With Buffer, for instance, you can automate the posting process and take advantage of smart weekly posting strategies such as pinning travel-related images on Saturday when people are most likely to plan their future vacations.

4. Focus on engagement

Connecting with users may be the hardest thing of all when there is so much quality content to go around. But it can be achieved if you’re willing to do the legwork. First off, build a solid relationship with some of Pinterest’s top influencers in order to earn visibility. Additionally, being consistently active, whether it’s through re-pinning content or posting funny and encouraging comments, is a great way to drum up support for your business.

5. Measure your performance

As with everything related to Internet marketing, simply doing things on the fly doesn’t cut it anymore. If you’re truly serious about optimizing your pins, install Pinterest Analytics. This way you’ll know exactly how each of your posts performs and garner insights on which areas you need to improve. Be sure to learn about the metrics you’ll have to keep track of so as to avoid being buried in too much data.

All in all, Pinterest is still a relevant social media platform for businesses in 2017, one that can increase visibility and spruce up your sales as long as you use it right. If you want the support of a professional while you seek to master Pinterest, don’t hesitate to contact 2060 Digital and find your very own social media ninja today.