5 Ways to Make a YouTube Channel Work for Your Brand

| 2060 Digital

Unless your field is specifically related to visual media, you might not think about using YouTube to promote your brand. Can producing videos really help if your business is, say, auto repair or financial planning? It can if you do it right. Here are five ways to make a YouTube channel work for your brand.

  1. Be informative. What is your target audience looking for? Do they want information on a particular topic? Commentary on current events in your field? Videos can be a much more engaging form of content than articles and blog posts. It allows you not just to tell, but to show. Providing helpful, informative content is a great way to drive people to your YouTube channel – and subsequently to your brand’s website.

  2. Be entertaining. A step-by-step guide to proper air conditioning maintenance can be helpful, but it can also be incredibly boring. If you want to draw people to your videos – and to your brand – find ways to gain their interest. Answer viewers’ questions; provide an inside look at your company and what you do. If you’re feeling creative, you might even try a song or sketch that illustrates a particular issue. It may seem silly, but it will help people remember your brand.

  3. Post regularly. People who like what you do will subscribe to your channel, looking for more engaging content. In order to keep their interest, you need to produce videos regularly. If you just post one or two things, they’ll quickly be forgotten. But if you continually provide new content, people will gradually come to associate that content with your brand.

  4. Use tags. All five ways to make a YouTube channel work for your brand are about providing potential customers with content they want in order to draw them in. Search tags will help immensely in this regard. Enter in as many search terms as you can think of that pertain to your video in some way. The more tags you have, the easier it will be for people to find your video. A detailed video description helps as well.

  5. Create playlists. Especially if you’ve posted a large number of videos, finding something specific on your channel might not be easy at a glance. Create different playlists for different topics. You can group how-to videos into one playlist, Q&A videos into another and so on. Your playlists then appear in a sidebar on your channel, making them easy to browse.

These five ways to make a YouTube channel work for your brand are just the tip of the iceberg. YouTube is currently the second largest search engine in the world. That means your content has the potential to reach millions. You just need to market it right.