4 Social Media Trends To Watch In 2018

| 2060 Digital

Social media specialists and digital marketers are gearing up for the trends and innovations 2018 will bring. Read time: 2 minutes, 35 seconds

While the calendar year of 2018 might still be quite a ways off, social media analysts and marketers across the world are already gearing up for next year’s trends and innovations. If you want to maximize your odds of standing out from the crowd you too will need to stay one step ahead of the curve, so here are four of the most important social media trends that stand to emerge in 2018:

1. Video will be king

“Pivoting to video” was already one of the industry’s most buzz-worthy catchphrases in 2017, but you can expect 2018 to bring even more video-based content from all your favorite creators. On the whole, videos tend to be more eye-catching and less time-consuming, since people can do other things without necessarily having to focus all their attention on them. That being said, text content will maintain its relevance, but with an added focus on smart placement and readability.

2. Increased attention will be lavished on Generation Z

The next demographic cohort after the coveted millennials, Generation Z will start coming of age in 2018. While their purchasing power is still limited, the fact is that Generation Z will be the first to have grown up completely in the Internet Age. This makes their connection to technology stronger than ever before and allows them the freedom to operate online without any kind of technical barriers. Since research shows they prefer ephemeral content the most, expect to see many more companies vying for their attention via specially targeted content with viral potential.

3. Influencer marketing over traditional marketing

By now, people have grown understandably wary of corporate meddling in their private social media circles, and will generally avoid listening to entities they see as being essentially motivated by profit above all else. With that in mind, people will continue to be even more receptive to the advice given out by their fellow Internet denizens, therefore increasing the importance of influencer marketing. In practice, this means that attracting the right kind of customers and ensuring they spread the news about your business in an organic fashion will be the key to shaping your online narrative.

4. The mobile dominance continues

While the continuous migration towards mobile engagement has been going on for a few years now, 2018 looks set to take this evolution to the next stage. Already, researchers have shown that approximately seven out of every 10 digital minutes are spent on mobile devices, with smartphone applications accounting for the lion’s share of those minutes. As more and more people live their lives on-the-go, ditching bulkier computers in favor of all-in-one smartphones and tablets, the need to have a truly engaging mobile presence becomes mandatory.

All in all, 2018 looks poised to continue many of the revolutions of the past few years, while also bringing several new elements to the table. If you’re an online marketer or business representative looking to make it in tomorrow’s busy landscape, start by mastering the basics of today first. And don’t hesitate to consult 2060 Digital in order to truly get a handle on what the future has to offer.