4 Fresh Takes on Content Creation

2060 Digital

How do you cut through the content clutter? The Internet is crowded with content, but if content is king, you know you can’t stop creating it. The key is to create content that’s useful, delightful and fresh. We’ve got four tips for content creation that will help you stand out and generate the attention and trust of potential customers.

1. Offer how-to guides via infographics.

There’s no doubt that visually stimulating content has a greater appeal than large blocks of text, and being able to skillfully present information through an infographic is one of the keys to creating highly shareable content. Combining the aesthetic appeal of an infographic with a helpful how-to guide is an excellent way to offer valuable content to your audience in a memorable way. The very nature of instructional material is to guide the reader through a series of steps that will result in the achievement of a desired end; providing a visually engaging infographic to guide the eyes through the entire process will reinforce the effectiveness of your instructions. In addition, infographics are frequently shared on social networks, and they typically have a higher chance of going viral than just plain text.

2. Interview the key influencers in your given field, and share the results with your audience.

There’s something about being willing to give respect where respect is due that will elevate your own position in the eyes of your peers. Take the initiative to reach out to the experts and prominent voices in your field and interview them, letting them know that you want to share their knowledge with your audience. This requires more effort than most people are willing to invest, which makes it an even more advantageous pursuit for you. Try to ask questions that provoke a deeper level of insight from your interviewees, keeping the needs of your audience in mind. This type of information will establish you as a unique voice in your chosen field, while at the same time spreading goodwill among your peers.

3. Offer your unique perspective on current industry-related news.

More than likely there are new developments emerging in your industry all the time. Instead of just sharing current happenings “as-is” through your online channels, take time to analyze what’s going on and then offer your own unique perspective on those events to your audience. Look for angles that may not be readily apparent, and analyze the implications of recent industry-related news events in light of your own expertise and experience. Many times people are unsure of what to make of different news items that come down the pipe, and they’re looking for a seasoned voice to provide them with insight and a balanced perspective. Use the expertise you’ve developed to offer your informed opinion.

4. Create “behind-the-curtain” videos that give your audience inside information about your industry.

Visual content, especially video, is one of the most popular and powerful forms of communication available for online marketers. You can carve out a solid position in your industry by being willing to share some of the inside information that pertains to your chosen field via online video. Visit a few trade shows or conferences and capture some video footage of the cutting-edge products and developments in your industry, and then share them with your audience. You can also use video as an avenue to share interviews with subject matter experts in your field. The important thing to remember is that your videos need to present an original perspective that bears the stamp of your brand’s personality and core values.

The highly competitive nature of the digital marketplace often forces marketers to go for the quick fix instead of taking the time to discover their own unique identity. Don’t be content with simply regurgitating popular themes or the latest online content fads; take the time to think about your particular position in the marketplace, and craft your content in a way that will provide genuine value to your audience that they won’t be able to find elsewhere.