3 Digital Marketing Trends that Will Disappear in 2018

| 2060 Digital

While most marketing specialists are focused on identifying the trends that will shape 2018, it’s useful to also take a look at several former money-making strategies that will fall to the wayside. Read time: 2 minutes

Like any other area of marketing, digital marketing looks poised to undergo significant changes in the following year. While many new things will grow in importance, including machine learning and big data, others will inevitably fall by the wayside as the Internet continues it’s slow but steady march towards world dominance. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the digital marketing trends that are most likely to go the way of the dodo in 2018:

1. Pop-Ups

Another big money-maker back in the halcyon days of Internet marketing, these days sites that feature intrusive pop-ups are heavily penalized by search engines for being a distraction that interferes with the overall user experience. That being said, pop-ups can still be effective in small doses, particularly if they offer customers a great deal they would otherwise miss out on, but not as the proverbial bread-and-butter of a serious advertising campaign.

2. Fake Reviews

An estimated 90% of consumers rely on online reviews to make their purchasing decisions. However, where once upon a time fake reviews were bought by the dozen to prop up products, both online shops and consumers themselves have become considerably more savvy in this regard. You can expect companies that still try to game their way into the spotlight via fake reviews to face even harsher penalties in 2018.

3. Organic-Only Facebook Marketing

At this point generating interest in your Facebook posts the organic way brings almost zero benefits, with research showing that only 2%-6% of your fans will actually see your content. This means that in 2018 and beyond, boosting posts and cleverly advertising your page will be even more important when it comes to bringing new customers on board.

While digital marketing has come a long way since its humble origins in the dot-com era, it still has plenty of room to grow and evolve in accordance with our fast-paced times. For that reason, it’s important to be able to let go of outdated trends, no matter how successful they might've proven in the past, and focus on what works here and now, while also keeping an eye out for the future. If you need help navigating the current digital marketing landscape, be sure to enlist the services of a truly results-driven company such as 2060 Digital, recently voted as one of the top agencies around at the Digital Innovation Awards.