10 Biggest Hits of 2017

by aschmidt

Breaking: In 2017, 2060 Digital posted more than 50 blogs — that’s a lot of information! Here is a look back at the year’s biggest hits.

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At 2060 Digital, 2017 was a busy year as we focused on educating our readers on the ever-changing world of digital marketing. As you develop your digital marketing plans for this year, we encourage you to take a look at last year’s 10 most popular blog posts. After all, we can always learn something from the past.

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  6. 3 Digital Marketing Trends that Will Disappear in 2018
  7. Google and Healthcare: How to Understand Patient Behavior and Opportunities
  8. The Power of Facebook Lead Generation Ads and How They Can Help Your Business
  9. What’s the Difference between Branding Marketing and Conversion Marketing?
  10. What to Do with All Those Client Emails in Your Database